Mathrutva Fertility Centre’s Differentiators :

Patient Satisfaction
Gold Standard Treatment
Research Driven Practices
Highest Standard of Ethics
Better Quality of Life
Effective Affordable Treatment
Result Matching International Standard

Patient Satisfaction:

Team of Qualified Counselors
Dedicated Patient Care Management
Provide Better Quality of Life

Gold Standard Treatment:

Standardized Stimulation Protocol
Simulation of Natural Atmosphere in Embryology Laboratory by Latest Scientific Technique to Improve Results
Hi-technologies in Micromanipulation

Research Driven Practices:

Standardizes Protocols
Aptitude to Carry Out Studies in Indian Circumstances
Purge the Error by Experience & Expertise

Highest Standard of Ethics:

Adopting the Policy of ICMR Guidelines and ART Regulations
Central Medical Council & Ethical Committee
Better Quality of Life

Effective Affordable Treatment:

Quality Embryo Transfer
Effective Freezing Programme
Affordable Prices for IVF & ICSI
Transparency in Prices
Highest Success Rates

Result Matching International Standard:

Highly Qualified Trained Consultants
Good Infrastructure
Quality Assurance & Quality Control
Skilled Embryologists

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