Can you tell me how many patients/parents/couples have used your centre till date ?

We have done more than 100+ Cycles till now out of which around 65% were for surrogacy and out of those most of babies have already been sent back to their respective countries. The rest of the cases were either domestic or local cases.


Do we get to meet/access main doctor regularly during the cycle ?

Our Centre is run by highly experienced and trained doctors – Dr. C S Manjunath and Dr. Phani Madhuri. Our doctors take care of each and every case themselves and you would be in direct touch with them throughout the process. Every Intended parent is special for us. Their positive experience is our only aim. Mathrutva Fertility Centre is passionately dedicated to the vision of creating life and giving equal opportunity to you

What is difference between premium and regular profiles ?

Premium donors are more beautiful and are at least graduates. They are proven donors-that is they have donated more than once and have also given positive pregnancy more than once. Regular profiles have basic education, and may have donated previously only once or twice.

How do you find egg donors ?

We have lots of coordinators / agents / agencies who provide us donors but once any donor get selected, the whole process is taken care by us only and there are no third party coordinators. You can choose your donor from any of your reference or any agency of your choice also. We are more than willing to coordinate the process with your choice of agency.

Do you also help us to find a Caucasian or any different ethnicity egg donor ?

Yes, we can help you in finding a possible match for your egg donor. We have tie-ups with various agencies and can help you in finding your perfect match.

What information will we have on the donor ?

Our donor profiles include all infections screening, psychological screening, diabetes, thyroid, blood disorder, profile information, photos, her likes and dislikes, her Ob/Gynae history, family background. The egg donor profiles are very extensive so that the Intended Parents would be satisfied with the donor.

How do you check the health of the egg ?

We see the donors’ age, perform an ultrasound on her and check her serum AMH report which gives us information about the health of the egg.

Do we get to choose our surrogate ?

Since surrogates are just a carrier and their genetic or physical attributes have nothing to do with the baby and as it is a continuous and an ongoing process, we choose the surrogate for our IP’s cycle. We choose the surrogate purely on medical grounds and advice our IP’s to trust the doctor’s choice. If you still wish to choose on your own, we can make you meet our surrogates during your visit and you can choose for yourself.

What are the steps for the Baby Exit Process ?

There is a step by step procedure to obtain the citizenship and for the baby(s) exit process. You would be assisted throughout the process and all the processes would be done in Bangaluru . Mathrutva Fertility Centre would help you in completing all the legal formalities so that your journey through our surrogacy program is as comfortable as possible.

For how long we are supposed to be at your clinic ?

You would be required to come on a medical visa if you are planning to come for surrogacy. The whole process of IVF takes around 3 weeks time but we would be requiring your presence at the centre for only 3-4 days for collection of the semen sample. You can also send the frozen semen shipment if you do not wish to travel to India.

How does the procedure of surrogacy works ?

Once you select an egg donor and confirm us to go ahead by giving your visit plan or your sample shipment date, the whole process of surrogacy would start. The Egg donor would be given some injections for 10-12 days, her eggs would be retrieved, fertilized with sperms and then embryos would be formed. These embryos are then transferred in surrogate uterus

Do you help foreign intended parents with all legal, passport and consulate things ?

Yes, we help you with all legal, passport and consulate material and documents. Most of our clients are from USA, UK, Australia, Spain, Israel and Nigeria. But as far as legal papers are concerned, we have been associated with a legal firm which provides all the paper work and has the experience of sending around many babies worldwide.