The IVF Cycle – Day 1 To Post-Treatment

The three phases of in vitro fertilization (IVF) are ovarian stimulation, egg retrieval, and embryo fertilization & utilization. The entire cycle needs about 4-6 weeks. Here the cycle is presented in simple terms for easy understanding. Get best IVF treatment in Bangalore from fertility expert doctors

  1. Menstrual cycle

Usually, the contraceptives and Lupron injections are given when a woman (who is willing to undergo IVF) starts her menses which she gets immediately after having discussed and finalized about IVF center in Bangalore. The natural cycle is not altered and simultaneously worked with. This is to bring the regulation in hormones. This lasts for about 2 weeks.

  1. Ovarian stimulation

Once the ovaries and hormones are in sync, the woman will be given fertility hormone injections. These may be single doses or a combination of many. They do have side effects and is not meant for those who lack courage. This lasts for about 10 to 12 days with constant monitoring via ultrasounds, estrogen tests etc. Then, when everything goes right the woman will be given a shot of human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) for stimulating the release of the eggs.

  1. Egg retrieval

The woman is expected to be at the doctor’s office 36 hours after getting the HCG shot for the eggs’ retrieval which is done by giving anesthesia.

  1. Eggs’ fertilization

According to whatever would have been decided upon the sperm, the given sperm and the eggs are fertilized within hours of the retrieval of the eggs. 3 more days are required for checking the viability of the eggs and results take usually 1-2 days.

  1. Embryo transfer

Finally, the 5-day old embryo is transferred to the woman’s uterus. If there are multiple viable embryos, they are usually kept frozen for the future.

  1. Pregnancy testing

It may take a week for the transferred embryo to get implanted to the uterine lining and once it does, the woman is pregnant. So additional 9-12 days are required before testing to check if the embryo has safely implanted. Progesterone suppositories are given during the first trimester to prevent miscarriage.

Thus, IVF Treatment is gaining fast popularity. Especially the metro cities in India are experiencing a rapid rise in IVF cases. The IVF clinic in Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai and other metros is of excellent quality and is handled by experts. Thus, if you are planning to opt for one, follow the guidelines by a good doctor.