Hysteroscopy :

Hysteroscopy is a method for the evaluation of the lining and structure of the uterus. The evaluation of the cervix, uterine cavity and other structures plays a significant role in the management of infertility. A thin view tool, telescope-like instrument, called Hysteroscope is used for the procedure. The Hysteroscope has a light camera attached with it, which is used to see and analyze the structure and lining, endometrium clinically, on the screen. This analysis is essential to know the problem in the uterus, which may prevent the woman from being pregnant. In addition to this, Hysteroscopy also serves following purposes-

  • To find the cause of abnormal bleeding and then proceed further accordingly.
  • To see whether there is any problem in shape and size of the uterus, which may lead to infertility in females.
  • To find the possible cause of repeated miscarriage.
  • To check for endometrial cancer.
  • To find and remove the misplaced intrauterine device (IUD).

It is better to have Hysteroscopy done when you are not having your menstrual period. Hysteroscopy is not a whole day procedure, the actual process(diagnosis) just takes 2 5o 5 minutes. You don’t even require an anaesthesia for the general process of Hysteroscopy. However, you may require anaesthesia for the operative procedure, but there is no need at all for the diagnosis process. Usually, the woman is discharged within 15 to 20 minutes after the procedure and, thereafter, they may join their work next morning. In the fertility of women, uterus structure contributes more than 10%, therefore, diagnostic and operative procedure of Hysteroscopy is very effective when analysing and treating the imperfections in the uterus and help infertile women.

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