Pre-Marital Screening Packages

It is stated that conducting pre-marital screening tests is to identify if there are any drawbacks in the genetic blood. Marriage is considered as one of the major events in one’s live. The death of one of the family members with hereditary and infectious diseases may lead. A healthy marriage is the one that aims at making a sound family and begetting healthy and happy kids. This screening would include complete haemogram test, blood group and RH typing, RBS, HbA1C, HIV, semen analysis, urine routine etc. for a male and female. The test would also include a counseling and consultation appointment with a gynecologist to clarify doubts and have an open mind discussion regarding the marital life, before marriage.

For a couple, who are considering marriage, the premarital screening test in utmost recommended and is a must nowadays. It is very important to be screened for a good aid to understand each other’s genetics and support each other. The importance of premarital screening test is as following:

  • Detects infectious diseases like hepatitis B, HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases to take proper precautions during conceiving and pregnancy.
  • Identifies the carrier of genetic disorders, in order to evaluate the risk of the child being transmitted with the same diseases and prevent that transmission.
  • To identify the genetic disorder and fix them.

Marriage is a lifelong commitment with both partners looking after each another. Knowledge regarding each other’s weak points would help in composing each other and to fill the voids. Thus, the premarital tests are utmost recommended.