Vitrification :

Vitrification is the technology of lowering temperature to preserve various living cells for future use. Now a days, vitrification of embryos is done by Dr. C. S Manjunath. In this process of vitrification of embryos, embryos are first made by ovules and sperms and then embryos are kept safe for future use with the help of vitrification. This is a very successful process now a days. In this process, embryos are frozen slowly to avoid freezing of water within the cells. This is a very famous process nowadays for helping couples to plan their family accordingly.


Vitrification is different from other freezing is that in this process water molecules present in the cells are replaced by higher concentration of cryoprotectant. By doing this cells are kept safe and can be used later.

Procedure of Vitrification

  • Eggs are collected from women and then fertilized with sperm.
  • Now, these embryos need to be transferred to the uterus of women.
  • But it is not necessary that these embryos should be transferred. These embryos can be placed in special freezers.
  • Whenever couple feels to get pregnant then the frozen embryo is transferred to the women for developing the embryo into a baby.

This process is a completely safe process. This process is very beneficial for those couples who do not want to have a baby at an early age but want a safe and secure pregnancy. They can store their embryos and can have their baby later. Dr. C. S Manjunath has done this process successfully to his patients. So, worry not and come and consult him for your help.

Vitrification Straw