Endometrial Receptivity Array [ERA ] :

The Concept



Era is a test which is carried out to know the best time of transfer of embryo in the body of women. The embryo is kept for freezing for future use. But when the embryo is needed to be transferred then there is a need to know when is the perfect to time to do so. Endometrial Receptivity Array test is a test that is performed to know this time.

The thickness of endometrium is the main thing that tells the perfect time for placing embryo. The endometrium is the tissue that lines the uterus. The thickness of this tissue goes on increasing and when it reaches its most thick position then after ovulation takes place. So, basically for placing embryo there is a need to know this time when the endometrium is at its most thick position.

The length of the cycle of every woman is different. So, there occurs a difficulty to know that time when should the embryo be placed. So, this test is done to know that time.

In this test, biopsy of womb lining is taken and the genes of these tissues are analyzed to know the time. When the endometrium is most receptive, at that time some of the genes are switched on. So, doctor observes these genes and get to know the correct time by getting the information from the genes.