Embryoscope : 

Infertility has been a taboo for long in India. Though there are many infertility centers now for resolving this problem, Mathrutva Fertility Centre has set its standard with the success rate it had achieved. Not only the success rate but the introductions of advanced technologies in igniting a ray of hope among infertile couples have provided them the ease to choose this as an option.

One of such advanced technology is Embryoscope, it has been designed for making the IVF technique comfortable one for both the patient and the gynecologist. It is an In Vitro fertilizer incubator, which is equipped with a built-in camera for keeping a tap on the time left for the fertilized female gametocyte. Embryoscope built-in camera also helps to provide the clear pictures of what is the maturity of oocytes.

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Embryoscope is integrated with all the technology of retrieving data and analyzing the data of the embryo. It is equipped with a microscope, which has a camera attached to it for continuously capturing the images of the embryo. It has been designed with an advanced software for addition and repetitive analysis of the condition and maturity of the embryo. In medical terms, it is also known as the assisted reproductive technology (ART) which enables its patient to record a film of their embryo and take pictures of their baby from the very beginning. This real-time capturing of the new life is pioneering all over the world and in India it available at many fertility centers including Mathrutva Fertility Center.