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Dr. Manjunath has an expertise in performing various Gynaec Laparoscopy surgeries including Hysterectomy Myomectomy, ovarian cyst, endometriotic cyst, VVF repair and operative hysteroscopy since 10  years at various hospitals. He is a renowned laparoscopic surgeon and an IVF consultant, and has performed more than 12,000 laparoscopic as well as hysteroscopy surgeries. He has also been performing all ART procedures such as IVF/ICSI, IUI, surrogacy, protocols, patient counselling and OHSS management from the past 10  years. He has performed more than 4,500 IVF cycles in the last 8 years with an impressive success rate. With his great surgical skills and calm personality, Dr. Manjunath can empathise with his patient’s pain and make sure that the patient going through IVF is put at ease, and is treated with utmost care.What these achievements  show are the many facets of this man who is more than just a reputed doctor, an academic, and a social worker.

 “A leader is just an average man with a vision, and the compassion to impart it to others”

Though Dr.Manjunath C S  has been academically and professionally active, he has a vision for Science and humanity, and propagates this through teaching And has trained more than 100 Gynecologists.

Dr.ManjunathC S , plans to implement programmes targeted to spreading awareness of reproductive health and emancipation all over India, especially in mid-scale towns and rural areas.

Recently, he formed a charitable trust The Mathrutva  Fertility Foundation which seeks to provide subsidised, high quality healthcare for low-income families in terms of family welfare and reproductive health.

Dr. Manjunath believes in the power of information: he advocates information centres and help-lines (and has also himself implemented an Infertility helpline), alongside extensive education, to purge the demons of female infanticide and sex-detection. Through his rich experience in leadership and teaching, he has an impeccable picture of practicality and the functioning of the medical community, and believes in both sensitizing people and doctors. Together, he says, the doctor community can unite under the purpose of women’s health and make a sustainable change to the most common problems that underprivileged women face.